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Tailored Solutions for Diverse Stakeholder Needs: From Regulations to Asset Allocation and Geographic Requirements - Let's Shape Your Path Together into Tomorrow's Technologies.

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Your Partner for Data Center acquisition and operation, State-of-the-art Hardware Offerings, and Hosting Services

Data Center Solutions

As a leading expert in the field of high-performance computing, Bitkern offers one-stop solutions for institutional clients. Whether ownership model, profit-sharing concepts or stable income through construction and leasing of infrastructure, together, we will develop the best solutions for your entry into the technologies of tomorrow.

Hosting Services

In addition to the sale of hardware, including the hosting of high-performance computers such as ASIC miners, Bitkern also offers a comprehensive in-house repair service for crypto miners. This saves our customers a lot of time and thus increases their profit. With specifically developed firmware, we are also able to increase the efficiency of the computers and thus maximize the ROI of our customers.

Data Center Operations

In addition to hosting of high-performance computers, Bitkern also offers the operation and service of mining farms for third parties. The basis for the operation of the data centers is provided by the company’s highly qualified service personnel from Austria and Switzerland, who ensure compliance with the service standards worldwide.


The most valuable chain in the world

The blockchain is a technology that can be used in many ways. It's a unique form of data storage that cannot be changed retrospectively. The data is stored in a decentralized manner. There is no centralized authority. This technology also forms the basis for cryptocurrencies.


Digital values

Cryptocurrencies are not a classic currency, but rather digitized assets or digital values. The value of cryptocurrencies is solely determined by supply and demand. Most cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, are limited. This is why Bitcoin is also referred to as “digital gold”.

Bitkern Custom-Made

Institutional market participants

Are you interested in the emerging market of cryptocurrencies and the underlying Blockchain Technology? We would be happy to advise you individually on new technological trends and the potential they hold.

Bitkern Blog

Latest articles

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    9 min
    With Vision into the Future: Bitkern Redefines Success in Bitcoin Mining with Roland Berger and Crypto Oxygen

    In the dynamic world of Bitcoin mining, sustainable profitability and efficient risk management are the keys to success.

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    6 min
    7 Reasons Why Bitcoin Is Poised for a Profitable Future

    In the early days of cryptocurrencies, when they were still a niche phenomenon, we at Bitkern recognized the disruptive potential of this digital currency. Our vision: A world where Bitcoin is seen not just as a form of digital money but as a driving force for financial innovation and independence.

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    Why Now is the Time to Get Started with Your Own Mining Hardware

    In a world where cryptocurrencies are gaining increasing importance, as an investor, you face an important decision: Should you directly invest in coins, or is it wiser to start with mining hardware?

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  • 7 min
    Navigating Through the Halving

    The Bitcoin Halving is imminent, a pivotal event that halves the rewards for Bitcoin mining. This phase is crucial as it influences the economics of mining and pushes market players towards efficiency and innovation. At Bitkern, we view this as an opportunity to showcase our adaptability and technological leadership.

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  • 5 min
    The "Bitcoin Pizza Day"

    On May 22nd, 2010, a programmer named Laszlo Hanyecz made a purchase that would go down in history as one of the most significant transactions in the world of cryptocurrencies. Using his Bitcoin, which was then worth only a few cents, Hanyecz ordered two pizzas from Papa John's, paying 10,000 BTC for the delivery. Today, that same amount of Bitcoin would be worth millions of dollars.

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